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    How The Right Bra Can Transform Your Outfit | BRELESE

    When it comes to curating the perfect outfit, it’s easy to forget that underwear - especially bras - can make or break certain ensembles. Think about it - does a strapless dress have the same wow factor when your bra straps are visible on your shoulders? Not exactly!

    Luckily, there are many different types of adaptable bras on the market, each of them designed to lift, shape, and support your breasts in different outfits.

    So if you’ve ever wondered what the difference is between a silicone bra, bra inserts and a normal bra, then you’ve come to the right place! In the following blog, we’re going to take a look at each of these different bras, exploring how they’re best worn, how they work, and how to wear them for both maximum support and impact. Let’s take a look!

    Normal bras

    To begin, let’s take a look at normal bras. While we’re sure that you already know what a normal bra is, understanding its key features can be helpful when it comes to choosing the right undergarments for your outfit.

    What is a normal bra?

    A normal bra is your typical two-strap bra: complete with two cups, it will usually fasten around the back, and tends to come with underwire or padding for added bust volume. You can get t-shirt bras, balconette bras, push-up bras, and even halter bras - but what defines a traditional bra is its strap system; given the visible straps, it’s not exactly the most suitable bra for an off-the-shoulder dress or an extremely low-cut top.

    Traditional bras usually come with a back clasp fasting; this can make it complicated when wearing backless or strapless clothing.

    What clothing works best with a normal bra?

    So long as you’re not wearing anything with exposed shoulders, a low neckline, or an exposed back, you can wear a normal bra with pretty much any piece of clothing. T-shirt bras are ideal for when you’re looking for a more casual and understated look, while push-up bras - which are designed to lift your chest to make it appear larger and perkier - can be helpful if you’re looking for more impact.

    The problem with normal bras

    While it’s a good idea to have a diverse range of bras in your wardrobe, traditional bras aren’t exactly the best option if you’re wearing something daring. Without even mentioning the problem with strapless or backless clothing, the padding or underwriting of a normal bra can add unnecessary bulk to your silhouette, even if it’s a pushup bra.

    Plus, traditional bras can interfere when it comes to creating a streamlined silhouette, especially in figure-hugging clothing. Poorly-fitting bras can end up digging into your skin, which causes fat to spill out at your sides - also known as the dreaded “bra bulge”.


    When we consider that only around 19% of women in the UK are wearing the right bra size, traditional bras can quickly become a problem under form-fitting clothes. Luckily, we at Brelese have come up with some innovative bra solutions, so you can feel fully secure and supported no matter how daring your outfit is. So, what are the alternatives to traditional bras? Let’s take a look.

    Bra inserts

    Wouldn’t it be great if you could wear a push-up bra that didn’t require any bulky underwire and didn’t come with thick straps that dig into your skin? Say hello to bra inserts!

    Typically made from flexible silicone, bra inserts are a form of strapless, backless, adhesive push-up underwear; this means that can simply be placed under your breasts and adjusted where needed, and they’ll give you all-day support just like a regular bra would. In addition to all-day support, you’ll also get a cleavage boost too, with some bra inserts (like ours!) being capable of increasing the appearance of your bust size by up to 2 cup sizes.

    What can I wear with bra inserts?

    Bra inserts are perfect under wedding dresses, strapless dresses, halter tops, and backless dresses, and you can even wear them under swimming costumes! But even in a regular tank top or dress, bra inserts can give your bust area added volume and perkiness, just take a look at the photos below:

    With all-day support and added bust volume - without the bulk of a traditional bra - bra inserts can take your outfit from wow! To WOAH! in just a few seconds.

    Silicone bra

    When it comes to making daring statements with your outfits, it’s hard to go wrong with a strapless dress, or an eye-catching backless number. The only problem? Finding a bra that doesn’t ruin the overall ensemble.

    As we mentioned above, traditional bras make wearing strapless clothing difficult, especially if you have a larger bust. And even for those with smaller busts, going bra-free in a daring or plunging outfit can mean risking the dreaded nip-slip in an age where almost everybody is carrying a camera-ready smartphone - no thanks!

    This is where a silicone bra comes in: designed to mimic the support of a traditional bra, a silicone bra is a backless, strapless support for the bust area, and fastens together at the front of the chest with a secure plastic clip.

    Silicone bra benefits

    Similar to bra inserts, a silicone bra adheres to the skin for support, and can be worn all day (and night!) without needing to be adjusted, removed, or fiddled with. What can I wear with a silicone bra? Just like bra inserts, you can wear a silicone bra with almost any piece of clothing, again including bikinis and swimsuits!  

    Our silicone bra works amazing when paired with low-cut tops and dresses, halter tops, strapless clothing, figure-hugging clothing and more - but don’t feel limited! As our silicone bras are skin-friendly, you can even wear them under your everyday clothes; our premium quality means you won’t experience any irritation or silicone residue even after a long day’s wear.

    The bottom line

    So there you have it! No matter what outfit you’re planning on wearing for your next big night out, our ergonomic bra solutions at Brelese will have you feeling supported, secure and sexy all day (and night!) long. If you’d like to see our bras and inserts in action, give us a follow on Instagram at @Brelese_UK, where you can find customer testimonials, announcements, potential sales, and exclusive news about any upcoming new products!

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